Category: Custom Builds

  • Colnago C64 PJBK

    Colnago C64 PJBK

    Brian visited us while he was on holidays and left with a great vibe. He came back a few months later and wanted to get a bike fitting and buy a Bianchi Infinito CV. Of course, Brian, no problem. Unfortunately there was a problem, our bike fitter was off sick and the Infinito was out…

  • Colnago C68 HRBK

    Colnago C68 HRBK

    Luke had been in to see me a few times, thinking about getting a new bike to motivate him back into riding, something nice, something that would rekindle the flame.

  • 2012 Pinarello Catena

    2012 Pinarello Catena

    Pinarello released the Catena a few years ago as a kind of cool, maybe hipster, single speed bike, but it was a bit of a flop. Great looking frame, great heritage, great concept – Bianchi killed it with the alloy track bike! But, just a bunch of junk parts on the Catena out of the…